Wall Calendars

The wall calendars are now all sold out. 

The 2018 wall calendars are now here. 1500 yen each or 3 for 4000 yen. Overseas orders please add 500 yen.   The calendars are free of charge since 2018 is already halfway over. I do have a few extra copies, so please contact me if interested in obtaining one.

Contact me to place an order and for more information.

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One Comment on “Wall Calendars”

  1. Elizabeth Mittelstaedt Says:

    Hello, I believe I met a friend of yours in a snack bar at the Copenhagen train today. I did not get his name, but when we were talking and he said he was from Japan, I asked about Mt Fuji. He told me about his friend who has a “hiking in japan” blog so I looked for this site in the internet and this is the one that came up. Your friend was on his way to a wedding in cechoslovakia (am sure I misspelled it). He teaches English classes and said he was a “househusband” currently. I would like to come to Japan to hike up Mt Fuji sometime. I live near Tacoma Washington and am traveling with a friend through Scandinavia. Thanks, Liz

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