Hiking in Japan

Early summer: May is generally a month of pleasant weather that is perfect for hiking, but unfortunately the summer rain front has moved in early this year, resulting in higher-than-average rainfall. Keep an eye on both the weather and COVID-19 infection numbers when planning hikes. Stay local until infection numbers subside and vaccinations become more readily available.

Mt Fuji: After being closed to hikers for a year, Mt Fuji is scheduled to reopen to hikers on July 1st. There is no word yet what kind of countermeasures are in place to prevent massive crowds gathering to climb the mountain.

COVID-19 Update: Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, travel to Japan is not advised at the moment. Cases are increasing in Japan, so follow the guidelines of your local jurisdiction.  This site has the latest figures from the government, but be warned that there isn’t much testing done here so there are likely many more cases than what the official numbers reflect.

Guidebook: Our new guidebook has been released by Cicerone Press (UK). Despite the pandemic, copies are still available directly through their website for a special discounted price.

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Mt Naka-Katsuragi, Nara Prefecture


Our new guidebook

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