Hiking in Japan

Early December: The foliage is now at its peak at sea level, so now is the perfect time to head to the lower peaks to enjoy the leaves. The Japan Alps and Mt Fuji are now snowcapped, so alpine hikes this time of year are only for those with proper winter mountaineering skills and equipment.

Site updates: This site is now using the Hiking in Japan dot com URL. Site updates will be continual, and this winter I plan update every hike on this site to deal with dead links and outdated information.

New Guidebook: We are pleased to announce that our new guidebook has now been released by Cicerone Press (UK), who are now shipping orders. Get yours for a special discounted price now.

Hiking in Japan is now on Twitter, so feel free to follow and check out my 365 mountain project .

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Arashiyama, Kyoto city

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