Hiking in Japan

Late Summer: The summer hiking season is winding down. Mt Fuji will close for the winter in just a few weeks and the first frosts have already come to the higher elevations. Take care if heading into the mountains as the weather has been very unstable lately and thunderstorms can occur at any time.

Mt Fuji: Mt Fuji is now open for the 2022 climbing season.

COVID-19 Update: Japan is still limiting the number of visitors and tourists are still restricted from entering the country. Infection numbers have peaked but there is still a risk of infection when heading to crowded peaks. Here is the latest information for the Japan Alps.

Guidebook: Our new guidebook has been released by Cicerone Press (UK). Despite the pandemic, copies are still available directly through their website for a special discounted price.

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Mt Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture


Our new guidebook

Kumano Guidebook Review

New LP guidebook review

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