Hiking in Japan

Autumn: The autumn colors are now in peak around 1000 meters of elevation, and Mt Fuji and the Japan Alps are snowcapped. Be wary of the shorter daylight hours when hiking during this season and remember that the autumn can be quite rainy as we move into November.

Mt Fuji: Mt Fuji is now open for the 2022 climbing season.

COVID-19 Update: Japan has reopened to foreign tourists. Infection numbers are starting to trend upwards, signifying a possible start to the 8th wave of infections. Here is the latest information for the Japan Alps, which is pretty much closed for the winter.

Guidebook: Our new guidebook has been released by Cicerone Press (UK). Despite the pandemic, copies are still available directly through their website for a special discounted price.

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Mt Akasaka, Shiga Prefecture


Our new guidebook

Kumano Guidebook Review

New LP guidebook review

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