Broken Links

This page will be used to bring broken links to my attention so I can get them re-linked. Since there are over 120 hikes on this website, it’s nearly impossible for me to keep track of each hike when something becomes out-of-date. Here’s where you come in. If you find a link that no longer works, leave a quick comment below and I’ll fix it as soon as I can. Just tell me which hike it is from and I can take the rest from there. Thanks so much.


19 Comments on “Broken Links”

  1. markus Says:

    The map link
    “Map: Click here”
    on this site

    • wes Says:

      thanks Markus. The city closed that site with the detailed map, so I’ve replaced it with another map (not as good, but you can get a paper map from the tourist info center that may be of more assistance)

  2. Naresh Deora Says:

    Hi Wes !
    First of your supplementary links -Backcountry Japan is no longer working.

  3. rinosseros Says:

    The map link for Konze Alps.

    Great site btw, thanks.

  4. rinosseros Says:

    Also the map for mt Sanbe doesn’t show

  5. Alter Says:

    Hello! The shuttle bus link seems to be broken on this page:

  6. Brett Says:

    Howdy Wes,
    A few of the links for Tanzawa are broken, e.g.,

  7. phydi3kids Says:

    Mt. Ainodake (間ノ岳) Click here to get an idea of what you’re in store for. Thanks!

  8. phydi3kids Says:

    actually both Click here for websites on the Ainodake page also no longer work.

    • wes Says:

      Cheers for letting me know about the broken links. I just fixed them for the Ainodake hike, so they should work now.

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