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Guidebook update

March 22, 2009

Yes, the rumors are true. Lonely Planet is finally updating their Hiking in Japan guidebook.


This time around, Craig McLachlan has teamed up with Richard Ryall and David Joll for a comprehensive overhaul of the 1st edition. Unfortunately, there are no new hikes in the updated 2nd edition, but I still think it’s worth adding to your collection. Also, if you’re thinking about buying the 1st edition, you might want to wait a month and buy the new one. The release date will be July 2009 (pushed back from an original release date in May). Although Lonely Planet has not officially announced the update, the information gathered here comes from two reliable sources: 1) (do a search for Hiking in Japan 2nd edition) 2) Personal communication with the lead author. (By the way, I don’t work for Lonely Planet and I’m not receiving any royalties from the sales of this guidebook).